Mary's icon at Christ Church Anglican Church


> Mary's icon at Christ Church Anglican Church

Christ Church Anglican Church.

"Mary MacKillop offers a sign of unity between all Australian Christians."—Father Richard Silk, 2010.

In 1998, an icon encased in silver was installed in Hamilton's Christ Church Anglican Church to celebrate and prepare for the canonisation of Blessed Mary MacKillop. It is believed to be the first time that a representation of Mary MacKillop has been placed in any Anglican Church throughout the world.

Mary MacKillop's acceptance of all people irrespective of their religious, racial or cultural differences has contributed to her recognition as 'a saint for all Australians'.

She was a great believer in encouraging people to be kind and united, and the local co-operation, unity, and sense of community demonstrated by the churches of Hamilton has been inspired by this remarkable and courageous leader.

As part of a pilgrimage following in the example of Mary Mackillop's journey, visitors are most welcome to light a candle inside the church, pray to God before the image and spend some time in Peace.

Be inspired by Mary MacKillop's journey along the early path to sainthood

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