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Bay View Stables.

The stables of Bay View House provided comfortable sleeping quarters for Father Julian Tenison Woods when he visited the MacKillop family during his travels through Victoria's Western District.

Mary MacKillop first met the charismatic English priest in Penola while working as a governess, and it was Father Woods who inspired her commitment to the education of all children regardless of wealth and social standing.

Mary had confided in Father Woods her desire to devote herself 'to poor some very poor Order' and his visits to Portland kept that dream alive.

Father Woods eventually convinced Mary to take on the role of teaching the Catholic children in Penola. In January 1866, she boarded a coach for the south-east of South Australia where she went on to co-found the order of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart.

Today, Bay View House and the Bay View Stables continue to inspire educational pursuits and form an integral part of Bayview Christian Community College.

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